In June of 2015, FATW began working with two major aggregators to create advertiser-supported video and audio channels.  The more than 110 Mr. FAT-W Audio CDs have gone into numerous audio streaming sites; the video programs have gone into YouTube. 

The video tests on YouTube include our Soundies DVDs; the aggregator created a proprietory channal for FATW called SOUNDIES CENTRAL (; search for "SOUNDIES CENTRAL" and then select "videos" to see all of the DVDs listed)  The second was NORMAN VINCENT PEALE'S LIVE WITH CONFIDENCE (; search for that title).

The second aggregator placed all 110 of the Mr. FAT-W Audio CDs on the major advertiser-supported streaming sites, including Twenty4seven, Amazon, Amie, Eos, GoogleMusic, iTunes,
PCMmusic, Real, Rdio, Shazam, Spotify, Vidzone, and YouTubeMusic.
If you just Google any of the 110 Mr. FAT-W Audio CDs, the search will turn up multiple web sites that are offering it.  The aggregator also created "videos" for YouTube by running a still photograph of the CD Album Cover as the video image, with the audio track from the CD running as the audio.  

In combination, the above "tests" add up to many hundreds of advertiser-supported streamable programs.  We will decide whether to create additional "video channels" with our movie and television programming, after we learn what the revenues have been over the initial six months.  Given the depth of the FATW content library, we can literally add thousands of streamable programs.

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