About Us

Films Around The World, Inc. began its life 1n 1930 as a U.S. theatrical distributor of arthouse movies, and evolved into a sales agency company specializing in the foreign licensing of independent American feature films.  In 1985, it was purchased by Alexander W. Kogan, Jr. and Barry Tucker.  They have vastly expanded its content library, which is now one of the largest remaining independent American primarily good-copyright content libraries, with more than 500 feature films, more than 2,500 hours of radio programming, nearly 1,000 dramatic anthology televison programs, 500 "Soundies," more than 150,000 classic radio programs, hundreds of celebrity interviews, and remake rights to more than 200 movies.  In 2015, agreement was reached for the acquisition of two PD movie libraries, with approximately 1,000 movies in all; they will be be digitally mastered, upgraded, and released on the Mr. FAT-W Video label.

The company, often referred to as "FATW" in the trade, rebranded itself in 1999 by creating its copyrighted and trademarked "Mr. FAT-W" character and animation logo.  It has begun releasing content through its own "Mr. FAT-W Video" labels; the first, the green and black label, has a lower price point than the new silver and blue label, which will be used exclusively for FATW's classic television programming. The green and black label releases both FATW-owned movies, and movies owned by others, on a distribution basis.  A third label, "Mr. FAT-W Audio," releases some of FATW's huge library of radio programming on CD.  As of June, 2017, there were about 800 titles available on the DVD labels, and about 160 titles available on the CD label.  We are adding about 30 DVD titles a month, so at any one point in time, the site is incomplete.  

FATW  licenses its content literally "around the world;"  its DVD and CD labels are distributed through Amazon.com, its wholesale catalog customers, and through hundreds of video and audio Internet sites. We are building an eBay store that will eventually sell all of our DVD and CD titles.

In May of 2014, FATW moved to larger quarters in its Long Island City location, and with the installation of both Business Ethernet and Fibre Optic connections, can rapidly add both video and  audio titles, with the goal of becoming one of the largest sources of "classic" entertainment programming on the web.

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