BUY DVDs and CDs

All of our approximately 800 DVDs and approximately 160 CDs are available for purchase on  We are adding so many DVD titles that it became burdonsome to keep amending this site so it's just easier to link our pages on with this direct link.

We are also building an eBay store which will eventually sell all of our DVDs and CDs; it isn't as complete as our listing, but in some ways it is easier to work with; you can enter the store with this direct link.

Everything that is available through these links, is manufactured on a "demand" basis; neither we nor any of our hundreds of resellers carry more than a few copies in inventory. In four years of building our labels, we have had no returns for technical problems.  However, we occasionally goof, as when we repeated the introductory titles twice on one of our movies.  If you see something wrong, please let us know, and we'll correct it promptly.
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