The films in this group were all released theatrically in the United States; the foreign titles generally have only U.S./Canada distribution rights, whereas the American titles have worldwide distribution rights. When they were released, although rated “X” or even higher, they were not classic pornographic films, but were what were then known as “T & A” or "Sexploitaton" features.  There is generally female nudity, no male genetilia, and no real, as opposed to simulated, sex.  Today, most of them would be rated an “R”.  In addition to the films listed, you should also look at the catalog for the erotic films of Ed Wood, Jr.  Finally, in 2015, we reached agreement to acquire a library of more than 100 additional erotic films, so over time we will be adding titles in this genre.  The ones which are currently available on DVD have links to below.

DANDY (1971)


1977; color; 98 mins; Rated "R"
Registered for copyright in the U.S. by the tax shelter which appointed our theatrical distributor, Filmworld Distributors, Inc. (f/k/a Silverstein Films Ltd.) As the distributor in perpetuity.

Director:         Franco Martinelli
Producer:        Edmondo Amati
Music:              Armando Trovatolli
Cast:                 Carroll Baker,  Edwige Fenech, Raymond Lovelock, Renzo Mantagnani

SEX COMEDY:    John a nervous, young bridegroom cannot consummate his marriage to the beautiful Valentina. His uncle tries to help him by persuading various young women to try to seduce him, but all attempts fail. The unhappy Valentina finds a dashing Frenchman who helps solve her problem. Valentina's mother, played with "naked abandon" by CARROLL BAKER finally solves John's problem for good. They are a happy family at last


1976; color; 93/96 mins; Rated "PG"

U.S. Copyright:  PAu-867-173, 12 July 1985, Silverstein Films Ltd. (covers English version of French film, dubbed by Gaumont International Productions 2000)  

Director:             Georges Lautner
Photography:    Maurice Fellous
Music:                  Phillipe Sarde
Prod.Design:      Alain Poire
Cast:                     Pierre Richard, Miou-Miou, Jean Pierre  Marielle,  Renee St. Cyr

COMEDY:     Francois, a frustrated advertising photographer, writes a script he thinks has great "artistic" merit. Unfortunately  for art, there are producers more interested in porn than artistry. Francois reluctantly must consent to change his masterpiece to get it produced. When he learns his girlfriend  Christine has tried out for the lead - and won it, he is further heartbroken. However, the filming takes place as emotions and clothing rise and fall, and at the end Christine and Francois are blissfully reunited.

NOTE: Released theatrically in the U.S. by FATW subsidiary Silverstein Films, Ltd. (renamed Filmworld Distributors, Inc.)


82 Mins.; Color, Rated R

Directors:                Arthur Marks, Jean Yarbrough, Mack Bing
Writer:                     Jack Mattis
Producer:                 Crest Films
Cast:                          Barbara Caron, Marki Bey, Sondra Currie, Pat Woodell, Phillip Terry, Lynn
                                    Cartwright, Chris Beaumong, Luanne Roberts, Hal Hidey, Ronald Lawrence,
                                    Bob Kresting, Lisa Caron, Gary Clarke, Jack Mattis

Production Note:    This movie actually consists of footage added to GABRIELLA (a/k/a GABRIELLA, GABRIELLA), a 1970 hard-core porn film; it and CLASS OF ‘74 are considered as being a single Movie for purposes of this catalog. CLASS reportedly grossed in excess of $4 Million, a significant success for Arthur Marks’ General Film Corporation, putting it on the distribution map.

Distribution memos:    “Four girls find way to sexploit men to pay for their education.”

            “‘74 is one class that has extracurricular activities that are definitely not accredited.  The students search for sexuality is a course in itself & all the girls graduate with top honors.”

            “What do High School girls do?  Everything.  That is, if they feel like it and if it pays off one way or another. Get an apartment, get a car, get the good life – but first get some guy to pay for it all!  Maggie (SANDRA CURRIE), Carla (MARKI BEY), and Heather (PAT WOODELL) teach Gabriella (BARBARA CARON) all she needs to know to hook Dave (PHILIP TERRY).  And hook him she does, getting set up in a menage a trois aboard her very own “bigger than a battleship” yacht.  By her Sophomore year in College, Gabriella is teaching her own “freshman”.  Fun and games as only today’s “libbers” play.  COLOR RATED R.”

Tag lines from posters:  

            “TO THEM LIFE IS A BALL”

IMDb Review:    “It depresses me how I can remember something like this from my youth. At a multi-screen drive in, the movie my family and I were supposed to watch was rather dull (I can't even remember the film's title) so I just turned my head and look out the side window and saw the film Class of 74 w/out sound. The vision of a bikini clad black woman dancing to the credits as well as topless swimmers in the pool was quite a sight. Not to “mention, the scene were a macho athlete was getting molested by the team doctor stayed with me forever.

“After a few too many decades, I accidentally came across the film from an Internet trader and I had to see if my memory was still as sharp as always, or had it failed me. Well, my memory didn't fail me; here was one of many films that captured my interest in the trashy low budget drive in films of the past.

“Well, seeing the film with sound didn't do much for the film. The plot has a group of young college students led by Pat Woodell, Sondra (billed as Sandra) Currie and Marki Bey as the dancing black woman in the bikini taking into their clique, a young Gabriella- the film's original title, and how she should be more free and sexually liberated to be a total woman. Uh- okay.

“The viewer is treated to a series of scenes guaranteed to get a howl as these students go from free love seminars, to a film making couple making a documentary of sexually liberated people (featuring the macho athlete now a swishing gay male), a threesome, and open relationships. The film makers must have realized this film didn't a little more than an hour, so they padded the film with Gabriella reminiscing about her Lothario father cruising Sunset Blvd. which ironically is a scene that would have fit in the 1960s not the seventies this film was made. The climax so to speak consists of Pat Woodell (in a horrendously fake platinum wig) inviting Gabriella on a small yacht owned by her rich sugar daddy played by Gary Clarke of How to Make a Monster and Missile to the Moon infamy. How does Gabriella handle the situation? She becomes a mistress to another sugar daddy on the yacht with his wife's approval.

            “The ending is rather surprising as Gabrielle is taking a young college student under her wing and getting ready to tutor the young student on how she can make her life much better and be a free woman.

“Ah yes, the Seventies”   

        “"The Class of '74" is the story of four young women who belong to today . . . or perhaps even to tomorrow. When we first meet them on the campus, it is instantly apparent that they are four young women to whom nature has been generous . . . four bodies that have been amply endowed, designed to turn men's heads and cause their wives, girlfriends and/or mistresses concern. And interestingly, all four have looks to go with their bodies. Four distinctive, different faces, all of which epitomize young womanhood . . . in short, you don't know where to look first.

“And then we hear them talking . . . We realize they are bright, witty, intelligent women who believe in doing their own thing, free spirits whose moral codes are where everyone else secretly wishes theirs were.

“Except Gabriella.

“Gabriella (Barbara Caron) is a bit unworldly, naive about life but willing to learn. She looks to her friends for advice and consultation.

“Then there is Maggie (Sandra Currie) who feels she is the equal of any man and has the looks, confidence and drive to do anything she wants.

“And Carla (Marki Bey), black and beautiful, who is having a love affair with life. Black or white, it makes no difference as long as you live for today. As she tells Gabriella, "I'm making love happen, and it's the wildest kick I've ever had. The sooner you learn it's all wrapped up in the sex game we play, the better off you'll be." Finally, there is Heather (Pat Woodell), blonde, built and bright, whose ambitions lean towards owning a Greek island or being the next Princess of Monaco. Watch and listen to her for a few minutes and you'll know she's going to get what she wants . . . and more.

“After discussing her naiveté, the three other girls decide that Gabriella needs the kind of education she will never get in college. They will take her under their wings, and almost in the style of a progressive dinner, teach her everything they know (and that's plenty) about life. Gabriella is eager to cooperate.

        “Maggie is the first to expose Gabriella to life. In a beautiful beach house at Malibu, the young woman learns that if her attitude is right and she understands the rules of the game, she can have anything she wants. Helping Maggie with the lessons in love is a handsome young photographer, Tony (Roger Ewing).

“Carla next takes charge of Gabriella's instructions at a handsomely furnished Beverly Hills apartment. She introduces her to a young stud named Wally (Chris Beaumont) and to the philosophy of doing what you have to do and having something inside you called "free power."
“Heather then undertakes the final phase of the reeducating of Gabriella by showing her life among the jet-setters, the over-thirty bunch. Aboard a big-as-a-battleship yacht, she meets Dave (Phillip Terry) who offers her a menage a trois arrangement with his wife's (Lynn Cartwright) consent. John (Gary Clarke), owner of the boat, seeks only Gabriella's consent.

“Her education completed, Gabriella returns to the campus far wiser and a more sophisticated woman. We last see her, mature and confident, discussing life with a new young freshman (Cynthia Hull). She agrees to take this unwise-in-the-world young woman under HER wing and teach her what life is all about. The Class of '74 proved again that they taught more than they learned.


HEATHER .......................... Pat Woodell
CARLA ............................... Marki Bey
MAGGIE ............................ Sandra Currie
GABRIELLA ...................... Barbara Caron
DAVE ................................. Phillip Terry
MARSHA ........................... Lynn Cartwright
WALLY ...............................Chris Beaumont
CAROL .......................... .....Luanne Roberts
SHELLY ..............................Hal Hidey
X4VIER ............................. .Ronald Lawrence
STEPHAN .......................... Bob Kresting
LISA .................................. .Lisa Caron
JOHN .......................... .......Gary Clarke

Executive Producer ................. DON GOTTLIEB
Producer .................................. CHARLES STROUD
Directed by .............................. ARTHUR MARKS, MACK BING
Director of Photography ..........ROBERT CHARLES WILSON
Film Editor ..............................  RICHARD GREER
Musical Director ...................... LOUIS YULE BROWN

Written and Composed by .................... Charles May
Music -                                            Louis Yule Brown
Lyrics -                                           LII Mattis

Running Time 82 minutes
Eastman Color
A General Film Corp. Presentation


    78 Mins.; Color; Rated X

    Directors:                       Mack Bing, Arthur Marks
    Writer:                            Jack Mattis
    Producers:                      Louis Y. Brown, Jack Mattis, Charles Stroud
    Exec. Producer:             Charles Troud
    Music:                              Louis Y. Brown, Bob Gundry (song)
    Cinematog.:                   Robert Charles Wilson
    Editor:                             Richard Greer
    Prod. Company:           Crest Films
    Distributors:                  General Film Corporation
    Cast:                                 Barbara Caron, Marki Bey, Sondra Currie, Pat Woodell, Phillip Terry,
                                               Lynn Cartwright, Chris Beaumong, Luanne Roberts, Hal Hidey, Ronald
                                               Lawrence, Bob Kresting, Lisa Caron, Gary Clarke, Mack Mattis

    Pine memo:        “Eighteen year old girl runs away from a disfunctional [sic] family into the hands of a “teacher of physical love”.  Gabriella finds love with a young man she meets at [one] of the “self understanding seminars.” “    

    Synopsis, from

    1970; Color
    Directed by Mack Bing
    With Barbara Mills

    “Call it karma, call it dumb luck, call it whatever, but the scales of cosmic justice came full circle as this little cinematic nightmare lands squarely in my lap.  In late ‘69, I was crashing at producer JACK MATTIS’ Studio City apartment when, one night out of the blue, he drafted me into duty on this project: “Write something about these kids today, the Age of Aquarious [sic] thing, the uptight establishment, Romeo & Juliet in this modern psychedelic jungle of a society...”  And the investors were coming by first thing in the morning... I cranked away insanely, dishing out a 55 page step outline (part script, part treatment, all bullshit).  My only motivation was getting to bed before dawn.  The next day, the investors evaporated and I moved on to “leaner pastures.”  A year later, a frantic call informed me that Jack had talked Jerry Lewis’ orchestra leader, Louis Yale Brown and a group of unwary musicians into financing this “project.”  Without warning, they had shot the step outline and were now stuck with a barely 50 minute long version of Gabriella, Gabriella starring my post-teen wet dream queen, BARBARA MILLS (a.k.a. Barbara Caron).  I was hauled back in to shoot extra scenes at Gazzarri’s on the Sunset Strip.  (Watch for me at the club’s entrance and also as a limping Free Press vendor.)  The result was a feature-length “tweener” – too hot for general R drive-in release; too tame for the X-rated Pussycat crowd.  A last-minute investor, Don Gottlieb, put the screws to Brother Jack Mattis and the Lewis group and forced them to eventually sell him the film for peanuts.  Gottlieb hired Barbara Caron and shot another 30 to 40 minutes and finally hammered out an acceptable R-rated feature, Class of ‘74, which grossed 4 million and launched the entire General Film Corporation (Detroit 9000, Bonnie’s Kids, etc.).  Looking back now, I am incredibly relieved that almost nothing I wrote in the original step outline made it onto the screen.  Here then, is the original, uncut Gabriella, Gabriella, never shown theatrically.  It’s like “Romeo & Juliet” crossed with “Hair!” and climaxing like an X-rated Apocalypse Now.  Wow!  From the 35mm only-one-in-existence print. #4653 – Johnny Legend”


1975; color; Italian; English-looped by original cast; 89 mins.

Director:                    Francois Legrand
Cast:                           Gabriel Tinti, Jacques Herlin, Femy Benussi, Terry Torday

A famous courtesan, on her deathbed, reveals the existence of an illegitimate daughter who will inherit her great fortune; she dies before revealing anything other than the fact that she is in a convent.  The young lawyer, assisted by the Mother Superior, tries to learn which of five possibilities is the heiress; the girls conspire to tease him with erotic stories.  At the end, we learn that all five girls are illegitimate daughters of the deceased.

DANDY (1971)

82 Mins.; Eastman color; MPAA “R” (“X”?)

Director:                     R. Charleton Wilson
Writer:                        R. Charlton Wilson
Producer:                   Dynacom Productions
Distributor:                General Film Corporation
Cast:                             John Alderman (Larry Lebot), Cynthia Denny (Dandy), Lou Anne Roberts
                                       (Ruth), Ed Kelly (Anson), Steve Vincent (Arlen), David Roya (Jocko), L. L.
                                       Cuddles (Leroy), Bob Potter (Guy), Lynn Lyons (Loreen), Al Wilson
                                      (Bateman), Frank Cuva (Penrod); The Salesmen: Joe Dunnigan, Mike Cheal,
                                     Philip Fields,  Woody Lee, Tony Giegen

Tag Lines:        “The Love Animal”
                            “BECAUSE Dandy couldn’t stop with JUST a goodnight kiss...This
                                     movie MUST be rated X”
            “                Showmanship from General Film”

                               “DANDY” IS A DOLL ....!”
                               “DANDY” IS DYNAMIC...!”
                               “DANDY” IS A DEVIL....!
            “                   YOU’LL NEVER HAVE A MORE SWINGING AFFAIR....!”

Distributor memos:   “Sexploitation.  Story of Dandy who goes from innocent to whore.”

            “Dandy... eighteen years old unloved, lonely, and no place to go.  Unhappy with her parents, bored with her life, Dandy decides to leave for the big town a& make it in the world of modeling.  She is abused, used and desired by the fast living men she meets in a wild orgy that moves from the luxuries of their bedrooms to the nude cavorting in their olympic-sized pools.”

            “Innocent girl runs to Hollywood and is entangled by a ruthless “Talent Agent” but escapes to the arms of a photographer who falls in love with her.”

Synopsis (From Press Kit)”

            “She was eighteen years old, unloved, lonely, and no place to go.

             “DANDY” was like all young girls ... independent... wanting to taste the experiences of life...and wanting to be loved.  What do you do when you are physically pretty, well-built and men desire you?  What do you do when you live in a place called Hollywood and the Sunset Strip is your playground? “dandy” who is unhappy with her parents, bored with her life, decides to live with her boy friend and be free and independent.  After all, doesn’t a beautiful, ripe young girl have a place in this world?  “DANDY’S” boy friend gets her a job with a friend – an agent – a man who uses pretty girls as models and sells them to the highest bidder.  This friend also wants “DANDY” for himself... for fun and profit.  When “DANDY” returns to her boy friend, she finds him with another girl and discovers that she has confused love for lust and decides to leave him.  “DANDY” meets many wild and interesting people... “DANDY” is abused, used and desired.  She finally meets a man who wants nothing from her... a man that will take only what “DANDY” freely give. [sic] It’s an affair that rivals any for its beauty and tenderness.  She meets a beautiful model that takes “DANDY” into her home when “DANDY” really needs a friend.  But, this friend has motives and wants all of “DANDY” for herself.  “DANDY” then meets all the loving couples in a wild Hollywood party scene that brings together the beautiful starlets and models and their net-set boy friends in a wild orgy that moves from the luxury and splendor of their bedrooms to their romping and nude playing in their olympic-size swimming pools.  “DANDY” Believes in giving.... instead of taking.”  

87/89 Mins.; Color; ** ½ All Movie Guide; Rated X

Director:                Phillip Pine
Writer:                   Phillip Pine
Exec. Producer:    Jack Mattis
Music:                     Steve Margulies
Editor:                    Clark Johnson
Cinematog.:           Clark Johnson
Cast:                         Barbara Caron, Ron Dyer, Kathy Hilton, Fern Holbrook, Diane Lewis, Jon
                                  Matisse, Mary Jane Shipper, N. N. Weggener

Synopsis:    “This erotic exploitation film finds a lesbian fashion photographer and her lover assigned to film nude models for an X rated Zodiac calendar.  Setting up shop in a remote cabin, the models are systematically stalked and killed by an unknown murderer.  The fearful photographer and her lover must stop their erotic escapades long enough to stop becoming the next victims.” Internet Movie Database

Distributor memo:      “Sexploitation murder mystery.”

        “A wild weekend in the country, but death kept interrupting their sex spree. With no means of escape, they lay in terror as the Zodiac killer strikes again and again.  A mystery with a twist.”

From film poster:


“Kepi Enterprises (Inc.) Presents A Mattis-Pine Production” Eastman Color

“What have you done lately for the love of your life?”  “The Ultimate Climax”



1976; color; French/Italian co-production; English-looped by original cast; 85 mins.

Director:                 Danilo Dani
Cast:                         Claudine Beccarie, Leonora Fani, Flavia Fabiani, Walter Romagnoli, Didier
                                   Faya, Rosemarie Lindt

Francesca, 17, lives in a luxurious villa with her mother Teresa and a maid. She is emotionally unstable because she witnessed her father raping and beating her motion during a storm, only to die from a heart attack; the experience has soured Francesca on men all    her life.  Teresa hires a French governess to look after the girl; her need for affection leads to flirtation and then sex.  Her friend Monica comes to visit; Francesca, now a dedicated Lesbian, tries to seduce her; the governess's jealousy leads to her dismissal Francesca; when Monica rejects her advances, she finds herself, once again, alone.


1976; color; Italian-Austrian co-production; English-looped by original cast; 81 mins.

Cast:                         Magda Konopka, Jerry Ross,  Eva Czemerys

Christiana, a comely (and very sexually active)  college student on a plane trip, becomes terrified when it is buffeted in a storm.  She vows to change her life and become a nun, if she survives.  When she lands safely, she enters a convent; she reverts to form when Massimo, a handsome painter working on a fresco for the convent, catches her eye. The duo becomes a trio, with another nun, and then expands to a foursome, as a crook on the run hides out in the convent.  In a fit of jealousy, Christiana leaves the convent, and becomes Massimo's mistress, ultimately entering a life of crime... as fate would have it, she dies in a car crash before repenting.


Eastman color; MPAA “R”; RT 87 Mins.; Wide Screen 1:85 Ratio

Director:                    Phillip Pine
                                     Earthly Sequences Produced and Directed by Todd Compton
Writers:                     Phillip Pine and Ward Wood
Producers:                 Phillip Pine and Ward Wood
Assoc.Prod./Editor: Graham Lee Mahin
Cinematographer    Paul Hipp
Music:                         Paul Hampton
Costumes:                   Madeline
Hair Styles&Makeup: Macyle
Music & Lyrics for “Love Is A Magical Thing” & Lyrics for “I don’t Care” Lilo Mattis
Choreography:          Jack Mattis
Distributor:                P.M. Films
Poster:                         Kepi Enterprises presents
Publicist:                     Guttman & Pam, Ltd., Hollywood
Cast:                             FANNE FOX [Annabel Edith Villagra], Todd Compton, Ward Wood, Rid
                                      Roddy, Sherry Bain, Robert Perkin, Dick Burch

Synopsis (From Press Kit):

            “Posse From Heaven: A refreshing, exciting look at the celestial forces that influence behavior here on earth.  Fanny Foxe, making her spectacular moving picture debut, is a junior grade angel wh, with the deity in charge of Earth, decide to give divine guidance to a human being in the old west.  This man, who is called Appletime, is being discharged from the U.S. Cavalry.  The heavenly forces decide to send him a guardian angel in the person of Gabriel.  Something goes amiss in the transfer, however, when Gabriel arrives on Earth to complete his mission he discovers himself to be a horse.  Appletime and Gabriel (now Appletime’s horse) set out to fulfill their destinies.  Fanny comes down to earth to try and help Appletime along by singing the gospel of love.  This philosophy backfires as Appleti8me confronts some train robbers with the six-shooter that he has unloaded.  The train robbers time him up and escape.  After a series of hilarious escapades in which both Fanny and Gabriel try to influence Appletime’s behavior without too much success, Appletime again confronts the train robbers – this time taking the beautiful young female member of the gang captive.  He is unable to hold the rest of the gang, however, and they ride off, leaving Appletime to cope with the girl.  Two love affairs develop and are culminated.  The love affair between Appletime and the outlaw Lola – and the love affair between Gabriel and Lola’s horse.  Fanny does not approve of either.  In a lonely ghost town, Appletime confronts the gang for the last time.  The outlaws are dispatched to their just rewards and Appletime’s arrival in heaven is indescribable.  The ending – as one might suspect is happy.”

Press Kit “Suggested Feature Article For Your Local Newspaper” on Fanne Foxe (Annabel Edith Villagra):

        “It’s a long way from the village of Nueve de Julio, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, and the companionship of a loving brother and sister, to the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.”C. and a headline-making romp with one of the top politicians of a foreign country.  For Fanne Foxe, born Annabel Edith Villagra, the cultural leapfrog from provincial schoolgirl to the center of one of the major scandals of the 20th Century, was even greater than the distance between Buenos Aires and Washington.  With worldwide interest in the lady who left medical school to become a dancer and later an international striptease celebrity, it was logical that when an offer came to star in a motion picture, Fanne was eater to accept the challenge.  She studied acting for two months and then flew to Hollywood where producers ward Wood and Phil Pine starred her in “Posse From Heaven,” a musical, musical farce which finds Fanne playing a stripper-turned-archangel who dances, (sans cumbersome garments) sings (songs including the hoary “I Don’t Care”) and soothes the shaky ego of a bumbling cowboy “in a very human way.”  Both Fanne’s parents, Osvaldo and Concepcion Villagra were trained medical specialists in charge of all first aid treatments in their village, so it was natural that after graduating high school Fanne studied in medicine at the University of Buenos Aires.  A year after entering the university she married Eduardo Battistella, son of a famous playwright and songwriter and himself a songwriter and an official of the Argentine Society of Composers.  Fanne quit medical school and moved to Uruguay where Eduardo played piano in a local supper club and the couple’s first child, Graciela Lucia, was born.  A year later Alejandro was born and it was back to Buenos Aires – where Eduardo ran a vegetable stand.  The family left the capitol for a remote village in Southern Argentina where, 1) Maria Rosa was born; 2) Fanne taught school, and 3) Eduardo worked in a store.  They returned to their true profession – Fanne dancing, Eduardo leading the orchestra where she performed – as hort time later, and for the next four years lived the lives of itinerant entertainers, their travels taking them to Costa Rica, Panama City, Lima, Windsor, Canada and finally the United States.  In 1964 Fanne took her professional name and changed from a ballet dancer to a stripper, becoming a headliner in strip joints from Florida to New England.  The family settled in Washington, D.C. in 1965 with Fanne stripping up and down the East Coast and Eduardo working for the Baltimore News-American as a commercial artist.  But then came travel time again and the next six years the itinerary included Puerto Rico, Washington, Hollywood (Eduardo opened a hamburger stand) and finally back to Washington.  In 1973 they became neighbors, good friends and bridge-playing companions of Wilbur and Polly Mills, the Arkansas congressman who for 17 years headed the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.  And on the morning of October 14, 1974 at the Tidal Basin off the Potomac River, the one-time medical student-turned-stripper became an international celebrity.  An autobiography of her life, written with Yvonne Dunleave (the girl who wrote “The Happy Hooker”) is being published by Pinnacle Books to coincide with release of “Posse From Heaven.”


1967; color; Italian, English-looped by original cast; 83 mins.

Cast:                        Marie-Louise Zetha, Regine Bardot, Ben Carra, Yara Daue, Peter North, Keli
                                  Richards, Elaine Southern

Beautiful Anna, an art teacher, is hired by Albert, a wealthy industrialist, to teach his innocent (but very handsome) son Robert about the facts of life.  Robert of course falls in love with his teacher, but soon finds a girl closer to his own age. Albert realizes that work alone is not enough, and he signs up for lessons from Anna as well...


1982; color; Italy; English-dubbed; 88 mins.

Director:                 Al Werber
Cast:                        Karine Gambier, Catherine Ringer, John Bradley

Beautiful young Emy and her friends Rosy, Nadia, and Nella, long to become members
of "La Mela," a private club; in fact, the "members" are trained as Western "geishas" to be companions for important international businessmen.  The girls' "physical examination" can be observed through a one-way mirror by Sandrelli, the club's manager, Maria, his lover and lead "trainer," and Tony, the club's tomcatting  "gopher."  Two of the girls are of age, and are "admitted;"  Emy and Rosy are too young, and are rejected.  This doesn't stop their scheming, and they eventually gain entrance to a very sexy world.
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