Joan Murray Show

Joan Murray was born November 6, 1941 in Ithaca, New York.  She began her professional life as a court reporter, moved on to become a secretary in the Press Department of CBS-TV in New York City, then became secretary to Allen Funt of “Candid Camera” fame, then became a writer for “Women on the Move,” an NBC daytime program hosted by television personality Kitty Carlisle.  Strikingly beautiful, she and her twin sister appeared frequently in both print and television commercials targeting the African-American consumer. Her life included a string of “firsts:” In April 1965, she became the first African-American newswomen employed by a major television station – WCBS (Channel 2, New York City). She was the first, and only, African-American woman to ever sit on the panel for the "classic" CBS program “What’s My Line.” An accomplished aviator, she was the first African-American woman pilot to participate in the famed Woman’s Air Derby, a grueling and dangerous 9-day  air race from Santa Monica, California to Cleveland, Ohio, mockingly dubbed the “Powder Puff Derby” by humorist Will Rogers.  In 1968 her autobiography "The News" was published by McGraw-Hill.  She has won many awards, including the Mademoiselle Award for Outstanding Achievement, the Urban League’s Certificate of Merit, and the Mary McLeod Bethune Achievement Award from the National Council of Negro Women. In 1969 she left WCBS to co-found one of he first African-American advertising agencies, the Zebra Agency, which had numerous national advertisers.  In 1967, Pepsi Cola, determined to open a market that had been largely overlooked by rival Coca Cola,  sponsored “The Joan Murray” radio series, which was produced and nationally syndicated in the U.S. by Hartwest Productions, Inc.  These historic  radio interviews from the Joan Murray Show are fascinating and unique audio portraits of a number of famous and non-so-famous African-American achievers from the 1960s, told to Ms. Murray in their own words.

Ms. Murray is now retired, living in upstate New York; she has donated her archival materials to the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture, in Harlem, New York City, which is part of the New York City Public Library.

Joan Murray interviews released on our Mr. FAT-W Audio label as "LIVING BLACK HISTORY:  THE JOAN MURRAY SHOW, VOLUME 1," , are:

1.  Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm
2.  Rosko (William Mercer)
3.  Nina Simone
4.  Naomi Sims
5.  Florence Kennedy
6.  James Earl Jones
7.  Rose Morgan
8.  Dr. Bennetta Washington
9.  Claudia McNeil
10. Brock Peters
11. Audrey Smaltz
12. Diana Sands
13. David O. Boone

Joan Murray interviews released on our Mr. FAT-W Audio label as "LIVING BLACK HISTORY:  THE JOAN MURRAY SHOW, VOLUME 2,", are:

1.  Mr. Elizabeth Koontz
2.  Godfrey Cambridge
3.  Dr. Arthur Logan
4.  Virginia Hamilton
5.  Johnnie Norman
6.  Sandy Jones
7.  Melba Tolliver
8.  Elise Scholati
9.  Al freeman, Jr.
10.Wilhelmena Drake
11. Portia Waldon
12. Tom Willson
13. Betty Patterson

Joan Murray interviews released on our Mr. FAT-W Audio label as "LIVING BLACK HISTORY:  THE JOAN MURRAY SHOW, VOLUME 3,"  are:

1.  Earl "Fatha" Hines
2. Jane Wright
3. Dee Simmons
4. Maya Angelou
5. Ruth Ellington
6. Father Emerson Moore
7. Lady Sarah Lou Carter
8. Jane White
9. Leon Bibb
10. Biney Bouroughs
11. Simon Blye
12. Florence Rice
13. Dorothy Pitman
14. John Blair

CDs of  "LIVING BLACK HISTORY:  THE JOAN MURRAY SHOW,"  are available for purchase through, directly or through the link below, and catalogs.  The audio player contains just a few samples of the absolutely fascinating -- and remarkably current, even though they are almost fifty years old -- Joan Murray interviews.

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