Joe Pyne Radio Guests

As noted on the preceding page, the more than 1,000 1/4" reel-to-reel master broadcast tapes for the Joe Pyne Radio Show, are not cataloged, nor are the boxes of release forms that the guests signed.  We are of course creating a catalog when we transfer the tapes to digital format in preparation for their release as CD "Volumes" on the Mr. FAT-W Audio label, but this involves actually listening to the tape as it is being transferred, to identify the guest and subject of the interview.  However, about a quarter of the tape boxes have hand-written show numbers and guest names written on them, probably by the original technicians who made the recordings.

Listed below are the storage box numbers, program numbers, and names.  While a few of them are still recognizable, most have faded into history.  We are mastering the tapes at random, sine we don't have any easy way to assign priorities.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED ENOUGH TO READ THE LIST, AND YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THE GUESTS, PLEASE USE THE CONTACT FORM TO LET US KNOW ABOUT THE GUESTS.   We would really appreciate any help you can give us.

These are the names that were written on some of the tape boxes:

INV.  BOX # 78
261A Mrs. Clark
261B Mrs. Jackson
262A Mike Aanocy (?)
262B Mike Aanocy (?)
263A Everett Jones
263B Everett Jones
264A Herb Leatman
264B Dr. E. Giddens
265A Jack Matcha
265B Dwight Buckley
266A Charles McIntosh
267A Mrs. Schiub
267B Mr.  Brittain
268A Mr. Brittain
268B Mr. Lammarig
269A Mr. Parish
269B Dr. Bryan
270A Mr. Gieha Miller
270B Bishop Kennedy
271A Deacon Timmons
271B Mrs. Eaton
272A Mr. Chris Harris
272B Mr. Sands
273A Pat Alexancer
273B Mr. Marionthal
274A Mr. Martin
274B Senator Conlon
275A Dr. Dahlberg
276A Mr. Broen
276B Mr. Friedman
277A Mr. Wolf
286B Ted Martin
427A Mr. Chaulis
427B Miss Lester
428A Mr. Hiem
428B Miss Glass
429A Mr. Nieman
429B Miss Ruby
430B Mr. Savage
432A Mr. Monroe
432B Mr. Rochaal
432B Mr. Alexander
433A Mr. Bierbiet
433B Miss Gracoetie
434A Mr. Hill
434B Mr. Wilcox
435A Mr. Amvill
435B Mr. Swing
436A Mr. Rose
445B Mr. Nabor
446A Mr. Dury
446B Miss Smith
447A Dr. Ellzioni (?)
447B Mr. Turner (?)
448B Mr. Kirk
448B Prof. Johnson
449B Mr. Frmicell (?)
450A Mr. Hay, Mr. Burnside
450B Mr. Hay, Mr. Burnside
451A-1 Mr. Van Feury
451A-2 Charles Kogen
451B Dr. Braumier
452A Mr. Davidson
452A Lord Lindsey
453A Mr. Brock
453B Mr. Worthington
459A Mr. Daview (?)
460A Mr. Lader
460B Mr. Frank
460B Mr. De Lancy

INV.  BOX # 81

401A Mr. Tate
401B Mr. McBirnie
402A Mr. Pinson
402B Mr. Marlowe
403A Mr. Ludsker
403B Mr. Canterbury
405A Mr. Hedrick (Shieck?)
405B Mr. Boyd
406A Dr. Boylie
406B Prof. Crowther
407A-1 Mr. Cohen
407A-2 Mr. Hinnegan
408A-1 Mr. Fazio
408A-2 Mr. Kims (Kris?)
409A-1 Mr. Blackschalber
409A-2 Mr. Eagle
410A Mr. Fiemberg
410B Mr. Fiembierg
411A Miss Nye
411B Dr. Glass
412A Mr. Bullow
412B Mr. Franklin
413A Dr. Fields
413B Mrs. Zsiewezy
414A Mr. Richardson
414B Dr. Ziegler
415A Diatonties
416A Lasky
416B Mr. Wallace
417A Mr. Murray
417B Mrs. Curtis
418A Mr. Darnald
418B Mr. Takahime
436B Gypsy Boots
437A Mr. Sherman
437B Mr. Aakus
438B Miss Williams
438B Mr. Teanlig (?)
439A Mr. Sasso
440B Mr. Lasky
441A Mr. Weaver
441B Mr. McGroom
442B Mr. Adams, Mr. Bornn
444A Mr. Anderson
445A Mr. Osterman
457B Howard Watkins
458A Miss Wright
458B Mr. Winter
459B Mr. DuBois

INV.  BOX # 84

“Protection Audio Tapes” – believed to
be Joe Pyne, but not labeled as such From 1967
– included are tapes of Jesse James III,
Ann Ridgeway, Candy Barr, and Jackie Brown

INV.  BOX # 86

1967 programs; includes Christine Jorgensen
 10/24/67 and     Pilot

INV.  BOX # 92

D512A Mr. Meredith
D512B Mr. Meredith
D534A Noel Behn

INV.  BOX # 97

737B Erskine Caldwell
738A Martin Caidin

INV.  BOX # 98

821A Leo Gorley
863B Iceberg Slim

INV.  BOX # 102

764B Redd Fox
850B Rev. Robert Schuller 11/21/67

INV.  BOX # 111

247A (389A) Morris Ernst
247B Selma Diamond
252A (396A) Adamas
266A Victor Laski
266B Victor Laski

INV.  BOX # 117

799B Bill Graham

INV.  BOX # 118

89-1 Christmas Show
89-2 Christmas Show
230-1 Adela Rogers St. John
313A Otto Preminger

INV.  BOX # 123

852A Lumumba Shabazz
INV.  BOX # 133

888B    1/23/68 Ben Aubert
886B    1/18/68 T George Harris
885B    1/18/68 Aileen Godson
833B    1/16/68 Dick James
884B    1/18/68 Arthur Blesset
880B    1/4/68     Edgar Eugene Bradley
884A    1/16/68 John Antoine
889A    1/23/88 Donald Jackson, Tommy Jacquette
883A    1/11/68 Lou Kimle
887A    1/18/68 Prof. Eugene Borden
882A    1/11/68 John Fougth “The Ultimate Society”
881A    1/11/68 Christian Hayden “I Burned My Draft Card”
880A    1/9/68     Dr. Lloyd Amady
892B    1/25/68 Dr. P. Muhich
895A    1/30/68 Robert Wesley Stoltz “I’m A Periapatetic”
892A    1/25/68 Jerry Joachim
894A    1/25/68 William Kirstien
894B    1/30/68 Mr. Feldman & Mr. Reppert
    “Win In Las Vegas - Yes!-No!”
897B    1/30/68 Dr. Albert Field
896A    1/30/68 Ray Rama
896B    1/30/68 Victor Disney
888A    1/18/68 Warren Amster
886A    1/18/68 Katrina Sam
885A    1/16/68 Alfred Ramirez
899B    2/2/68     Dr. Alan Coult
887B    1/18/67 Dorothy M. Parke[?]
889B    1/23/68 Stuart D. Cowan
882B    1/16/68 Stanley Kramer
881B    1/11/68Chaske Wicks “Red Rover”
893A    1/25/68 Linda Rubin/Elaine Horgland
893B    1/30/68 Mr. “X” - Society of Divorced Catholic Men

INV.  BOX # 141

895B 1/30/68 Mr. Belvedere “Escort Services”
898B 2/2/68   Edward H. Sims
898A 1/30/68 Frank & Vera Greenwood
899A 1/23/68 Leo Leonardo “Anti Semitism In Russia Today”
891A 1/23/68 Herbert M. Porter
890A 1/23/68 R.C. Samuels
891B 1/25/68 William Barclay Allen “Karenga!”
897A 1/30/68 Dr. Margaret Evans
23 1&2 Mrs. Bella Skup Hugh Delacy
24 1&2 11/20/64 Frank Pestana Don Lorq [Lorr?]
Script (hand-written) plus tape for introduction to interview
    of Mr. Charles Taylor

INV.  BOX # 142

116 A&B Anderson-Turner
115B     Osser-Pak

INV.  BOX # 183

511B Mr. Greenspun
549A Mrs. Arthur
548B Mr. Mayer
550B Mr. Nugent
551B Mr. St. Comomb
551B Mrs. Andersien
552A Mr. McCann
552B Mr. McCann
553A Mr. Buckly
553B Mr. Arrington
553A Mr. & Mrs. Kastenbaum
553B Paul Frees
554A Mr. Vernet-Douglas
554B Mr. Kofall, Mr. Krekholm (?)
554A Mr. Forbes
554B Mr. Forbes
555A Mr. Longo
555B Mr. Longo
556A Miss Martin
556B Mr. Smith
557A   Mr. Wagner
558B Miss Malanie (?)
559A Major Roberts
560A Dr. Colbert
561A Miss Stromstet
561B (588B) Pastor Wellenbrand
561B Mr. Jensen
562A Mr. Tomlinson
562A Mr. Voss
562A Mr. Edwards
562B (591B) Mr. Gould
562B Mr. Tomlinson
562B Mr. McBrennan + Vernier
563A Father Lyons
563A Dr. Tony
563A Mr. Compton
563B Dr. Tony
563B Miss Silverson
563B Mr. Kaiser
564A Major Hoyt
564B Mr. Stav
564B Miss Susann
565A Mr. Porter
565B Dr. Pratska, Dr. Harolday
566A Mr. Vito
566B Jeri Southworth
567A Mr. Johnston
567B Mrs. Eastland
568A Mr. Pizwer
568A Mr. Capell
568B Miss Caozr (?)
568B Mr. Gregor (?)
569A Mr. Trotter
569B Mr. Miller
569A Mr. Butler
570A Mr. McIntyre, Dr. Wittliner
570B Mr. McIntyre, Dr. Wittliner
570B Mr. Wagner
571A Mr. Markley
571B Mr. Marcy
571A1 Mr. Holland
571A2 Mr. Brazeal
572A Mr. Burton
572B Mr. Jones, Mr. Beakman
573A Mr. Farouk
573B Baby Jane
573A Mr. Newell (?)
573B Miss Sander
574A Mr. Carty
574B Mr. Baird
575B Mr. Slingerford
575B Dr. Joe Marlite (?)
576A Dr. Stacy B. Day
576B Allan Prel
577A Mr. Mosley
577B Mr. Simmons + Winograd
579A Mr. Joe Ebner
579B Mr. Mort Williams, Mr. Alan Rivkin
580A Capt. T. Sheppard
580B Richard Newhafer
581A James Phelan
581B John Quimby
582A Mr. Greco
582B Mr. Vipoloff
583A Mr. Cray
583B Mr. Cray
584A Mr. Bain
584B Ciegler
585A Mr. Sturges
585B Mark & Yolanda
586 Mr. Weisberg
586B Curt + Wahofe (?)
587B    Gamblite-Tread (?)
588B Mr. Wassel
589A Miss Rand
590A Mr. Doctor
590B Mr. Rosenthal
591A Mr. Alexander
591B Mr. Zapa    
52A Mr. Guiness
602B (?)  Miss Doe
621B    Mr. Krassner
621B Mr. Blackwell, Miss Brewer
622A Mr. Paulson
622B    Mr. Gardiner
622B Mr. Weldie
623A Mr. Welch
623B Mr. Welch
623A Mr. & Mrs. Jeffries
623B Mr. & Mrs. Jeffries
624A Mr. Kosty
624B Mr. Woard
625A Miss Meadows
625B Mr. Stern
625B Mr. Plume
626B Mr. Still

INV.  BOX # 184

383 Mr. Lee
384B Mr. Berbier
385A Mr. Wittemore
385B Cornell Wilde
386A Mr. Nathan
386B Mr. Myer Levine
386A Miss Miello
387A Mr. Harris
387B Mr. Doder (?)
388A Rev Boyd
388B Mrs. Kora
389A Mr. Harvey
390A Mr. Miezier (?)
390B Mr. Short
391A Grace Clemens
391B Grace Clemens
392A Mr. Eldier (?)
392B Mr. Frazier
393A Calpyso Joee
393B Louis Hamier
394A Mr.  Avidon
394B Ruth Dresser
395A Mr. Hogan
395B Mr. Nobie
396A Dr. Brown
396B Mr. Parkinson
397A.  Mr. Gable
397B Tova
398A Mr. Patterson
398B Mr. Glaznier (?)
399A Mr. Hallet
399B Miss Seaforth
400A Mr. Calkens (?)
400B Mr. Jordan
512B Miss Hungerford
551A Mr. Croan (?) + promos
552A Mr. Kohls
552B Mr. Marlowe

INV.  BOX # 190

172#1 Cliff Younger Barbara Morris
172#2 Cliff Younger Barbara Morris
174#1 Joan Palmer
174#1 Audrey Franklyn
174 #2 Ruth Waterbury
175#1 George Bishop
175#2 Bill Nolan
176#1 Frank O’Neil
186#1 Stevie Wayne
186#2 Russ Jones
198#1 Mr. David Brown
198#2 Mr. Guy Elder
203#2 Howard Long
201#2 Betty Morales
202#2 Ettinger
204#1 Robert Humphries
204#2 Dr. S. Hieller
205#1 Mr. Hague
206#1 William Briggs
206#2 William Briggs
207#1 James Ganett I.N.I.K.
207#2 Lyle Cameron   Sky Diver
209#1 Shelly Lowenkoptt
210#1 Emmett McLaughlin
211#1 Ian Taylor
211#2 Irv Blum
212#2 James Thorton
213#1 Larry Bribilt (?)
213#2 Jim Thompson
214#1 Howard Radest
214 Charles Conrad
215#1 Mary Jane Hungerford
215#2 Mary Jane Hungerford
215A [332] Kupferman – empty sleeve
216#1 Konrad Schloss
216#2 Mr. Thorpie
217A [341A] Powledge
218B [346B] Yvonne Antelle “How to Catch A Man”
218#2 S. H. Freeman
219#1 Dr. Curtis
219#2 Mr. Rosenberg Mr. Pollard
222A#1 Tailor
224A [345B] Pisana & Lader “Abortion”
224 [345A]  Pesaki & Lader “Abortion]
223#1 Rudofsky
223#2 McAllister & Heminray
226#1 Brook
227#1 Krassner
227#2 Soss
22B [358B] Taxes
229A [348A] Mendelsohn
231A [361A]  Harry Silverstein Jim Fouratt
231B [361B] Harry Silverstein Jim Fouratt
231#2 [223] Sherman Rogers
232#1 Mike Hammon Dr. Rumiciman
232#2 Mike Hammon Dr. Rumciman
232A [347A] Jocko & Will Allen
232B [369B] Harry Hershord Jews & Negroes
233#1 Mr. Robbins
233#2 Mr. Kudie
233A [363A] Gloria Steinem Dr. Paul Mok
233B [366B] Sasson & Kosover
234A [364A] Stein & Robertson Exp. 67 (?)
234B [558B, 567B] John Dille
334#1 Mr. Theakery
334#2 Mr. Tremack
235A [365A]Koppelman, Rubin & Coleman muse
235B [365B] Koppleman, Rubin & Coleman muse
235#1 Willa Mae Yates
235#2 Ed Griffin
236#1 Mary Jane Hungerford
236A [370A] Perkins
236B [376B] Dr. Maxwell Maltz Psycho-Cyberneties
236#2 Vietrcia Vander Timie
237A [368A] Edo Sagann & Moses L. Kove
237B [95B, 372B] Barry Gray Show - Yankee Nomad
237#2 Dr. Trueseh
238A [373, C185B, 776B, 760B] Ed Aschell (?)
238B [373, C185B, 776B, 760B] Ed Aschell (?)
239A [356B, 770A] Henry Holzer (?)
269A [177A, C183A, 769A] Lewis Meyer
269B [177B, C183B, 769B] Lewis Meyer
350 Gray
239B [356B] Naomi Shemer
338#1 Simons
338#2 Mr. Hurst
INV.  BOX # 193

239#2 Mr. Rauzzi
240#2 Mr. Rauzzi
750A Brett Howard
750B Sunbear & Richard Little
751A Norman Ollestad
751B Rev. Robert Bruce Record
752A Phil Ochs
752B Colonel Arthur Goebel
753A Ken Granger
753B Urich Fields
754A Anatoli Granovery
754B Dr. W. S. McBirnie
755A Gerrit Nikkels
755B Len Beioley
756A Paul Krassner Robert Walter
756B Joshua Mouchly
     Mohammand Dauod “Arab vs. Irraeli”
757A Phil Bruns 6-27-67
757B [752B]  Mr. C. A. King III
758 Hubert D. Palmer 6-27-67
758B [753B] Gary Allen
759A [754A] Frank Tarloff
759A Hubert D. Palmer 6-27-67
759B [754B] James Clarkson
854B Irene McKinney 11-28-67
855A Anthony Brooke 11-28-67
855B Nading Grove 11-28-67
856A Mike Laski
856B Lotus Wfbielacnor
857A Pam Sloan 11-28-67
857B Al Sultan Nasser Ahmad Shabazz 11-28-67
858A [853A] Helen Greenwood 11-28-67
858A Thomas A. Elrod 12-5-67
859A Mary Zittenfield 12-5-67
859B Thomas Garter 12-5-67

INV.  BOX # 197

C133B Father Haves Hy Haves
C203B Dick Gregory “Good 1st Half”
    Chalmer Leonard
344 1 Dazen
361A [231A] Henry Silverstar, Jim Fouratt
361B [231B] Henry Silverstar, Jim Fouratt
393B B.G. & O’Neill + “253B This Half To Be Equalized”
414A    Clarke/Vogel/Whitehead
414B    Clarke/Vogel/Whitehead
414A   Clarke/Vogel/Whitehead (dupe)
414B   Clarke/Vogel/Whitehead (dupe)
416 Gray, Al Cooper
429 McWhirter
431A Dr. Adler
433B Gray Misc. Nos. KUH
– Miscellaneous numbers + Ruth Scrhieber
440A Cherne “Thank You” at Close Out 12/19/67"
444B Astrology
452 Ben Ami
– Miscellaneous numbers + “Mike Port 4-25-68"
523B Mr. Kronhouse
696B   Close William McGowan (?)
724A Barbara Payton 5/16/76 (+ various other numbers)
802B (Various numbers crossed out) Wayne Seminoff
838A (Various numbers crossed out) Alex Apostilodes
–    (Various numbers crossed out) Alan Davidson
–    (Various numbers crossed out) Wanda Sue Parrott
866A French McClhlhn 12-12-67
867B Hugh Jones _ Othnos.
880B Edgar Eugene Bradley (+ various other numbers)
894A [173B] William Kirstien 1-25-68
913B May Kalm
Promos Gray
INV.  BOX #198

C167B Dick Gregory NB Second Half
2 [418] Doctors
250A Burke & Curtin
438 Karkali (?)
423 A, Batgab
424 Father Donnely Mrs.  Cassela
436B Raymond Farber
449 Lincoln
468A Mr. Carlo Mr. David
468B Mr. Norby
469A Dr. Popienofe
497A Mr. Wolf
497B Mr. Miller
511A Mr. Ralph
511B Mr. Poro
527B Miss Davis
528A Mr. Ferry
528B Mr. Ferry
531B Mr. Segal
532A Mr. Bookbinder
532B Mr. Brewer plus Promos
533A Mr. Scott Mr. Sheaphard Plus
    Radio & TV Promos
536A Don McGuire
537A Frank Wilkenson
537B Mark Lane
538B Lous Philmus
534B Frank Gruber, Famous Western Author;
    ”Wild Bill Hickock was a  fag”        
535B Mister Dernal Fisher Computer Class Room
543B Fred Goerner
544A Mike B. Hannon
547B Maria Westerman
547B James Phelan KNBC Promo
549A Paul Monka
651A Mr. Simmons
651B Mr. Simmons (?)
698B [701A] Charles Brough
699B Kay Brown
700A Dr. Nathan Rappaport
700B Mr. Charles Manning
701B Guy Lombardo
703B Paige Mitchell 4-18-68 (?)
704B E. Joseph Cossman 4-18-67
716A Jeanne Barteaux, Nancy Bowen 5-2-67
718A Robert Sessions 5-2-67
718B Sheriff Jim Clark 5-9-67
730A Phillip Abbot Luce 5-23-63
733B Lee Beck 8-8-67
743B Bill Sands 6-6-67
755A Gerrit Nikkels 8/1/67
757B Mr. C.A. King III
774B Mladin Zarubica 8-8-67
779A Steve Pluhovdy 8-15-67
780B Bob Garcia 8-15-67
781A Hakim Jamal 8-15-67
787A Dick Harris 8/22/67
789A Sam Price/Bonnie Beach 8/29/67
792A Fred Koerner/ Sandy Koerner 8/29/67
797A Ferdinand Mount 9-5-67
810A Dr. Hugh Schonfeld Rev. M.H. Reynolds 9/25/67
818B Raleigh Wilkelson 10/3/67
849A Harold Weisberg 11-21-67
862A Dr. Curtis Wood 72-5-68
867B Dr. Joel Fort
879B Edward Raiden 1-9-68
884A John Antoine 1-16-68
911B Rabbi M. Naccal

INV.  BOX # 199

B137#1 Count Carlo David
B137#2 Stang
C2A Mr. Rary
C2B Mr. Howard
C7A Mr. Forbos
C7B Waxman
C8A Major Roberts Miss Malian
C8B Major Roberts Miss Malian
C39A Alexander
                    C39B Vidoloff
C106 Mr. Marlowe Mr. Duke
C117A Ralph DeTorano
C117B Ernest Laur & Arne Kalm
C130A Ernie Smith
C130B Sol Lipps, Alex Anares
C180 Jack Wacklin, Gary Allen
C231#1 Bruce Johnson & Shari Quam
C231#1 Bruce Johnson & Shari Quam (dupe?)
C243A Ussery McGuire
C249A Helen Jay
C249B Alan Davidson
D24 Norms Knight Nikj Raycoutch
57 John Haass Gerum Moore

INV.  BOX # 200

28 Mr. James “Z”
463A Mr. Sparbick
464A Mr. Hallihan
464B Mr. Burnett
465A Mr. Huffman
465B Mr. Garbier
466A Mr. Holzer
466B Mr. Stang
495B Miss Hayward
496B Mr. Haims
506A Mr. Street
507A Miss Tullly Tjurtagubo (?)
507B Mr. Frainiey (?)
508A Miss McBenn
508B Mr. Lang
509A Mr. Nelson
515A Mr. Wyatt
515B Mr. Bledsofe
516B Mr. Lahz + Promos
517A Mr. Kirby
518B Mr. Omerigo and Hallet
520B Miss Sadler
521A Bishop Pike
521B Bishop Pike
522A Dr. Bowles and Gaulier
522B Miss Trang
523A Mr. Montgomery plus Promos
524A Mr. Davis
524B Mr. Davis & Mr. Krol
525B Mr. Hale
526A Mr. Schiller
526B Dr. Burghstaler
527A Mr. Rivera
529B Mr. Weigand Miss Barrington
530A Mr. Boyge (?)
530B Mr. Hayes + Promos
531B Mr. Cropsy
535A Aalter Trinrus
536B Mike Zell “Newspaper Editor to the Left”
538A Walter Argow + Promos 9 stations
544B W.T. Jones
545A Josh Gould
549B Mr. Caldwell
550A Mr. Lyle
916A Jean Green 4-24-68

INV.  BOX # 201

B150A Fleisharann
B150B Chris Poll
B152A Slater
B152B Mapellenh
B153A Black
B153B Tryre
B156A Miss Mayo
B156B Mr. Sauer
B157A Mr. Kingsley
B157B Miss Merchant
B158A Dr. Popenso
B158B Mr. Haynos
B159A Miss Olander
B159B Mr. Lloyd
B230A Mr. Lyle
B230A Mr. Lyle (dupe)
B230B Mr. Caldwell
B230 B Mr. Caldwell (dupe)
C103 Mantorro Gilmoreo

INV.  BOX # 203

695A Mr. Marlowe
695B Mr. Thorpe
696A Clinton T. Duffy
696B William McCann
697A Joseph Carr
697B Dr. Paul deVille
698A Bob Baranausuas
699B Kay Brown
700A Dr. Nathan Rappaport
700B Charles Manning
701A Brough
701B Guy Lombardo
702A Rev. A. M. Pellitier 4-18-67
702B Jesse Davis 4-18-67
703A John Raybern 4-18-67
703B Paige Mitchell 4-18-67
704A William Atwood 4-18-67
704B E. Joseph Costman 4-18-67
705A Ralph deTolcano 4-18-67
705B Ernest Laur & Arne Kalm 4-18-68
706A David Clarey interview
706B Walter H. Cronk
707A Henry Farrell
707B Gordon Currie

INV.  BOX # 204

698B Najmen Najafi & Hellen Hinckley
699A DeVon Smith

INV.  BOX # 219

B66 Wittemore calling
B67 Beal   Ostergaard
B68 Norling Kennedy
B69 Dassinger Prinz

INV.  BOX # 227

194-1 Charles Lynch
194-2 Charles Lynch
199-1 Mr. Buchanan
199-2 Arnold Lupin
201, Part 1 Howard Jarvis w/guest
202, Part 2 Sam Andrisomtli
209-2 Dr. L. Savage
210-2Nick Stewart
225-1 Ginzburg
225-2 Breedlove
226-2 Kahn
227A Conot (Water damage)
227B Jose Greco
389B     Mr. Colling
390B   Mr. Wykoff
[Note: See also 182    
70 Barry Gray Tony Martin 10-10-66
254A “Tors”
55A “Kelly”
268 [178] Eisenberg Dooley
270  “Drug Addiction”
271 [176B] Kalaidgycan B
277 Gray
278 Gray
–Miss Gordon

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