Joe Pyne Radio Show

We've established a web site for all of our Joe Pyne radio and television programming in one place; it's  It combines this informaiton for the Joe Pyne Radio Show, with that for the Joe Pyne Television Show.
“Joe Pyne was a former Marine and WWII veteran from Chester, Pennsylvania, who collected three battle stars and lost his left leg during the war. He started his radio career at WCAM in Camden, New Jersey, and began his first TV show in Wilmington, Delaware. At the peak of his career in 1966, Pyne’s syndicated talk show appeared on Metromedia-owned TV stations and 254 radio stations across the country.... Known as the father of “in-your-face” talk radio, Joe insulted people on his show long before it became hip. Some described the show as “shocking” for its time because not only was he verbally aggressive, but at times he would become physically violent.  Pyne was perhaps the first angry conservative to “let it all hang out” on radio and TV, insulting and verbally assaulting his liberal guests, “fringe” celebrities, or any public figure who disagreed with him. Joe always did his show from behind a desk, possibly because he was self-conscious about his wooden leg. Legend has it that Frank Zappa appeared on the show once and Pyne quickly went on the attack with, “So I guess your long hair makes you a woman.” Zappa quickly fired back, “So I guess your wooden leg makes you a table.” Pyne ended each broadcast with his signature sign off, “Good night everybody - straight ahead.” He was a heavy smoker and died of lung cancer at age 44 in 1970.”

Among the thousands of Hartwest-produced reel-to-reel master broadcast tapes which we discovered,  are approximately 1,050 Joe Pyne Radio Show interviews.  There was no master guest list; however, the engineers wrote down the names of the programs and guests on about a third of the tapes.  There are also hundreds and hundreds of form guest releases, which give us perpetual exploitation rights for all media and territories.  We have begun releasing these fascinating interviews on our Mr. FAT-W Audio label.   

The page following this one describes the interviews in the first group of Volumes of The Joe Pyne Radio Show; at the end of that page, there are to for direct purchase of each of the volumes  described above them.  W will add more as we release them.

The interviews on this initial group of CD releases follow; we think you will agree with us that they are surprisingly relevant and interesting even today, and that Payne was a master interviewer. 

The player below gives you an audio sample of what Joe Pyne sounded like, and why his radio show was rated #1 in radio markets across the United States. 

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