TOP Audio Samples

In 1999, when we first found the Hartwest TOP Archive in the basement of the Quad Theater in Manhattan, where they had been stored by us for years, we had no idea of what the tapes actually sounded like -- the 1/4" magnetic tape reels required a reel-to-reel tape player/recorder, which by then was obsolete.  We had an audio expert select samples at random from several of the tapes, and transfer them to an audiocassette; the earphone jack on an audiocassette player could be plugged into a computer, which could then create a digital file.  The samples which follow, come from that original transfer and computer file, changed to MP3 format.  They are not only raw, but are third generation.  Nevertheless, they can give you an idea of what the tape content sounds like. 

The entire sample file, runs approximately 40 minutes; we have not broken it into segments, so you will have to fast forward if you want to reach a particular artist.  We ask one favor of you if you choose to listen to the samples, and that is, whether you will use the "Contact Us" form at the end of this website to let us know whether you have previously heard these "live" versions of the songs, and/or the artist interviews, and if not, whether you would like to hear other songs and interviews -- remember, these are only a tiny sample of the entire Hartwest Archive.  The artists who are represented in the sample, are:

THE BEATLES (Interview by Brian Matthew + excerpt from "Ticket to Ride")

THE ROLLING STONES (Interview by Brian Matthew + excerpt from "Everybody Needs Someone To Love")

THE BEATLES (Interview by Brian Matthew + excerpt from "Kansas City")

THE SEARCHERS (Interview by Don Moss + excerpt from "What Have They Done To The Rain")

THE ANIMALS (Interview by Don Moss + excerpt from "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood")

DUSTY SPRINGFIELD (Interview by Brian Matthew + excerpt from "Losing You")

THE KINKS (Interview by Brian Matthew + excerpt from "All Day And All Of The Night")

GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS (Interview by Brian Matthew + excerpt from "Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey")

MANFRED MANN (Interview by Don Moss + excerpt from "Come Tomorrow")

BRIAN MATTHEW series promo announcement for the Bob Foster Show, Station WITH "Tiger Radio," Baltimore

THE YARDBIRDS (Interview by Brian Matthew + excerpt from "For Your Love")

HERMAN'S HERMITS (Interview by Brian Matthew + excerpt from "Wonderful World")

THE YARDBIRDS (Interview by Brian Matthew + excerpt from "Heart Full of Stone")

DONOVAN (Interview by Brian Matthew +excerpt from "Colors")

THE ANIMALS (Interview by Brian Matthew + excerpt from "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place")

TOM JONES (Interview by Brian Matthew +excerpt from "With These Hands")

THE KINKS (Interview by Brian Matthew +excerpt "You Really Got Me")

The copyrights in and to the  interviews and format of these samples are jointly owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation and Hartwest Productions, Inc., and even though we have made them available for listening by visitors to this website, any unauthorized copying for any purpose whatever, is an infringement of those copyrights.

NOTE:  We decided that the runtime of the samples should be edited down, to ensure that neither the interviews nor the songs were complete.  Of course, we have the complete interviews and songs which were edited down to this group of samples. To play, click on the far left buton on the player below, and join us in being amazed that these tape versions have never ever been released directly.

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